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All your day dreams of owning a business have come true. You are all set to take charge of your business. I trust your savvy business skills and am willing to bet that you would go the extra mile for your business. Who isn’t fascinated by the many wishes being an entrepreneur can fulfill? The freedom and flexibility that come with running your own business are life changing. 

Life is so much better now that you have more flexibility and time at your hand. But how long will that last? While entrepreneurship gives you enough flexibility; probably not everything about being an entrepreneur or running a business is as glamorous as it appears. 

The not so good news is that starting the business from scratch requires you to dedicate more hours to your business. You may have more worries now as you are more accountable for everything that you do. Consequently you may end up giving more time to your business than to anything else. But here’s the good news – all this is not as scary as it sounds; especially when you have productivity tips which will get you through the day feeling like an achiever. 

If business is a roller coaster ride, you have the power to make it an exciting joyride. Ready to rock your business? These productivity tips will help you achieve more with less overwhelm and avoid burnout. This means more creativity, energy and time on your hand to make your business goals a reality. 

Make it easy: 

Self-employed professionals often fall in to this trap of wasting time on difficult tasks. If you start with the most difficult task on your list, you can end up making your entire day difficult. Being self employed is full of doubts and fears; this habit often adds to it.

Choose the easiest task on your list, then the next easier task and then make your way up to the most difficult task. You will be grateful for another productive and easy day.

Focused networking:

Networking is at the core of self employment. You need to go out there and make contacts with people. Networking with purpose and information is what gets you results. You want people to remember you long after you contacted them. 

How about having a brochure or a flyer to complement your business card? You can use an e-brochure while networking online. Having a website works wonders while networking. 

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Beneficial Multitasking:

You already know that you should focus on 1 project and not multitask that much. Multitasking will spread your energy all over the place and you will feel exhausted. But my friend, never put all your eggs in one basket.

If you channelize all your energy in completing one task throughout the day, you may end up feeling overwhelmed or bored. Spread your 5 priority tasks for the day into time frames of 1 or 2 hours. This will reduce boredom,fatigue and keep you creative throughout the day.

Project management tools:

You may be working with virtual assistants, copywriters, graphic designers and freelancers who may or may not meet you directly. Project management tools like Asana, Evernote, Trello will save you all the time required to stay in sync with your projects and your team. 

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Online networking:

Virtual connections are as much beneficial as real world connections. Online networking comes with its share of risk; but it also saves your time, gets you more clients and some great connections. LinkedIn, Facebook groups are some of the best platforms to make connections. An interactive website, a Facebook/Instagram page or an e-brochure will help you take online networking to another level.

Time the tasks:

Time your tasks and your projects. Mention the time frame in your contracts and the scope of work. Ensure that you make the most of yours and your client’s time. With limited time in your hands, the last thing you want to do is work on a 1-month project for 6 months.

Simplify Communication:

Business communication can consume a lot of your time if unchecked. Whether it is taking feedback from a client or tracking a project with your team; questionnaires and feedback forms can help you simplify email communication. Avoid long phone calls or Skype calls to communicate project changes. Prewritten email scripts are real time savers.  

Taking breaks:

Relaxing your mind should be the number 1 priority for each business owner. If you see nightmares or many vivid dreams, chances are that your mind has been working too hard during the entire day.      

30 minutes of yoga or meditation can keep you productive up to 8 hours. You can also try something as simple as listening to music, cycling or going out in nature.

Define perfection:

The drive for perfection can result in excellence if it is reasonable. If you want a project to be perfect then it helps to define the level of perfection. You can write down your expectations of perfection from the project. As you do this, you will immediately figure out the level of perfection that is realistic and achievable.

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Unplug and revive:

There is no doubt that you will gradually learn to manage business overwhelm with time and persistence. With time and experience you will have your own unique productivity tips to get more done. There will be days when nothing will go right and on all such days remember to unplug yourself from your business. Patience is a game changer while managing business. 

Reward yourself:

Just because you now own a business doesn’t mean you come last and your business comes first. It is important to celebrate every small win. Keep a list of all your achievements to see how far you have come. Give yourself a good 8-hour sleep and a balanced diet to stay healthy and productive. 

To conclude, it is important to understand that business is a marathon and not a sprint. 

I have tried and tested these productivity tips. Hence I am sure that they will help you face the business challenges and consequently avoid burnout.

Comment below with your tried and tested productivity tips.


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  1. Valid points there and well compiled too, Creative Geek.

    Timing your tasks is indeed crucial for becoming productive. It will help you stay focused, plan better, and get more done. Cheers!

    • Thank you Niraj, we are glad to read your feedback. Timing the tasks is very crucial for productivity. Getting more done is the key to scaling up a business.

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