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Creative Atlas Promotional kit

If the idea of promoting your small business brings up several overwhelming thoughts of huge branding and marketing costs plus wastage of your valuable time then hold on, we have some good news for you before you give up the idea of promoting it.  Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert; a start-up or a self-employed professional with a limited budget for business promotion/marketing, you can have a fabulous promotional kit ready for your business with these 5 budget-friendly essentials.

Business Card:

This is an obvious business promotion tool but most start-ups or professionals still don’t value the idea of having a business card ready before they go out promoting their services or business. Business card promotes your business in your presence as well as absence. You can choose from simple, classy, elegant, and funky or any style that suits or fits your requirements. It is always better not to get too many cards printed at once because you may want to update the details on your card later and having too many cards in stock will result in wastage.

Brand Identity:

There are many essentials to a brand identity but since we are also considering budget; letterheads and envelopes with elegant designs go a long way in creating a serious (those who take business seriously) and professional image in the minds of your clients. Just like business cards, its best to get a small quantity of envelopes and letterheads printed initially, so that you can be flexible with upgrading them from time to time.


profile can be created in 1 page as well as several pages depending on what essential information you wish to convey your target audience/market. You can start with an attractive 1-page profile/flyer for your business written in an impressive language with elegant designs or you can also have your business profile as a tri-fold flyer or an A4 size brochure of 4 pages. The profile will address all the queries of your business and save your time from personally explaining the details of your business or benefits/features of your products/services to your target audience.


A website is one of the best and most effective self-promotion tools for every business. Your website promotes your business across the globe 24X7. If you are on a very tight budget, you can start with a 1-page website covering all the essential information of your business offerings. If you are willing to stretch your budget a little more, a beautiful and optimized website with 4 to 5 pages will weave its magic into your business promotions. A website can be connected to a blog and social media profiles for a better online promotion of your business. A website is ideal for most businesses and it is also ideal for busy self-employed professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Doctors, etc. A well designed and optimized website will do all the talking and promotion on behalf of you.


Many professionals can connect with their target audience, followers and with a wider audience through blogs. You can start with free blogging sites like or connect your existing website to a blog. If you don’t have enough time to write a blog, you can start with 1 blog per week written by a professional copywriter and gradually make your way up to more blogs every week. Have you been wondering about the latest buzz on blogging and the reason behind so many blogs popping up every single day? The answer is affiliate marketing. Both blog and website are amazing sources of passive income through affiliate marketing. A well designed blog with impressive and informative content will attract steady online traffic which will definitely boost revenues from affiliate marketing.

While most of you would suggest including a logo or other essentials in this business promotion kit, we completely agree with your suggestions but this post is for all those who postpone the idea of having a business promotion kit due to primary reasons like time and cost. We have written this to give them a basic checklist of budget friendly essentials to create their fabulous promotional kit.

We are sure that this checklist has given you a clear road map to begin your business promotions. Contact us now to get your fabulous promotional kit.  

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